Module 1 Creating a plan for happiness & course foundations

Getting Started 🙌


Welcome to the Ultimate SEO Course! *cue lightning* ⚡

Over the coming week you'll learn everything you need to do to become a marketing freelancer.

The first thing you might notice is that overall this course is pretty short.

The truth is, 99% of the content out there on this subject adds in unnecessary complexities.

Realistically, you know to know how to do one thing really well, and then do that consistently on a daily basis.

So we're applying the KISS (Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.) methodology to this course.

Anything you don't actually need to know, is not included.

All the models, the funnels, the jargon, the metrics, all that is out the window.

After spending seven years building an award-winning agency, flying around the world, and having very happy clients, this is everything I would do if I started over today.

In the video we also cover happiness and ensuring you're building towards a revenue number that will actually make you happy, not what you think you want to make.

This is an important exercise to repeat at least monthly to ensure you're on the right track and ensure you get the most out of every day.

Now we've covered this, head back and have a read through the the next module.