The Ultimate Search Engine Optimisation Course ⚡

This course will teach you step by step how to become a marketing freelancer. We've condensed everything we learned after 7-years of running a success marketing agency into the step-by-step process of what we'd do if we started over today.

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Module 1

Getting Started

This sections covers everything you need to know about how we've formatted the course AND how to actually build a life that's worth living to you.

I talk about start with a revenue goal in mind that will actually make you happy and my story about spending years doing something I didn't love doing.

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Module 2

Launching Your Site

This is the step-by-step process of me launching the website for my business '👋SEO' and generating $3,000 worth of business.

We talk about personal branding, and you learn exactly how to launch your own website, which in turn helps you with the next steps of the guide.

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Module 3

What To Deliver

This is the big guide where I show you what exactly I'm doing to earn $1,000 a month working 30 minutes a day.

This module requires knowledge from module 2 so please start there.

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Bonus 1

Additional Offering

This is an additional service you can offer your clients.

We cover everything you need to know about how to deliver local SEO services, what to charge for it, and how you can start here before you upsell the bigger package.

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Bonus 2

Keyword List

Save yourself 10 hours and use this list of keywords to identify the niches you'd love to begin with.

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