Module 3 Complete guide to getting clients and selling packages ⭐

Earning $1,000 A Week ⭐

This what I do, broken down into a step-by-step guide on how to deliver marketing services, get clients, and earn $1,000+ a week.


This is a guide on how I earn $1,000 a week remote as a freelancing working only 30-minutes a day.

The work itself is incredibly rewarding too. It feels so good to be able to directly impact a small business owner and be able to earn a living doing this as well.

After training over 4,000 companies and professionals, I took all that info and put it into these highly effective mini campaigns.

In this guide, I'll attempt to explain everything as clearly as possible so you shouldn't need to bring any skills into this to make it work.

You're going to learn how to build simple and effective landing pages to help small business owners grow.

And since we're using , you don't need to know how to code either!

So what exactly are we doing?

If you think about the physical world, you have hundreds if not thousands of stores all around your city. Different locations have different numbers of people so where you place your business is important. The closer you are to the city center (usually) the most expensive the rent will be because the more foot traffic there is.

Now, unfortunately this makes starting off hard. If you can't afford a good spot, it's hard for people to find you.

And if it's hard for people to find you, it's hard to earn enough to pay the rent.

The same goes for online.

We'll dive more into this but what do you generally do when you're looking for some more information?

You Google it.

And there are usually only 10 spots on the first page of Google when you search for something.

And 99.2% of you only look through the first page of results on Google.

So out of all the thousands of possible solutions, only 10 companies are getting the opportunity to show you what they've got.

Sure, you can pay people to help you get on the front page when you search something but again small business owners usually can't afford this.

So they're stuck getting minimal traffic.

Thus the cycle repeats.

So what we're doing is helping small business owners move to high foot-traffic areas for a very low amount.

Continuing the analogy, we also help them make their store look incredible so these new people entering their store are much more likely to buy.

Now again, you might be worrying about the fact you can't code.

Or maybe you've never launched an ad before.

Or maybe you've never marketed anything before.

That's exactly why I'll be providing templates for everything, so again you can literally copy paste and change a few bits of content to fit.


Show Me The Math πŸ”¬

The end result of this guide is a website that is ranking on Google.

Do this multiple times, you'll have multiple websites.

The websites I've built on average can deliver a small business owner $5,000 - $10,000+ a month in leads.

We charge the small business owner $500 - $1,000+ a month for these leads.

And it costs me about $100 - $150 a month to set-up and operate.

So all we need to do is sell one of these a week for 4 weeks to hit our goal.

Essentially what we do is:

  1. Build a very simple and effective website - I'll give you a template for this so all you need to do is change the content and since we're using Webflow, you don't need to know how to code.
  2. Talk to small business owners
  3. Run a very simple ad campaign - again I'll give you the templates
  4. Rent them the website for $1,000 a month


How Do We Begin? ✨

So we're initially focusing on service-based companies because as a consumer if you need a service, you tend to need the solution quickly so 9 times out of 10, you Google the solution.

This is why showing up on Google is so important for small businesses and freelancers.

But showing up on Google is also a really hard thing to do if you don't know what you're doing because as you'll soon see, as a company, you need to rank on the first page of Google to get the results you need, but only 10 companies can do this at one time.

There are two ways to show up on Google;

  1. Pay for ads,
  2. Or rank organically by doing something called search engine optimisation (SEO).

Both of these require quite a bit of skill to do well.

Anyone can create an ad but if you do it poorly, you can spend thousands and not get anything in return.

And if you try to do search engine optimization yourself, you can spend years trying to rank your site and still never get on the first page.

Examples of service-based companies; lawyers, plumbers, handyman, dentists, financial planners, window cleaners, florists, etc.


Why Focus On Google? 🀯

Below are a few reasons why being on the front page, and near the top is so important.

First of all, the top 3 results of any search gets 75% of all clicks! That's 75% of the market.

The top 1 spot gets 31% of all clicks.

99.22% of people click only on results on the first page. So in other words only 0.78% of people ever venture onto the second page.

So let's say Auckland 1,000 handyman service providers.

With 99.2% of people only looking at the front page, that's only 10 companies that really get the majority of the business, with even more going towards the top 3.

The other 990+ will have a much harder time growing.


What Makes What We're Doing Different? πŸ†

Instead of a traditional agency that works with the client over the next 12 months to hopefully generate results, we do all the hard-work up front.

The client then just rents the website off us for a monthly fee, and we send them all the leads.

We simply track how many leads we get on our side and report on this once a month.

What I do to sweeten the deal even more is if we don't generate them leads worth at least 2x the amount they're paying us each month, they don't pay a cent.

And finally, but most important, they're getting results from day one which heavily reduces the risk for a small business owner and makes us so much more valuable.

For the handyman example we'll be covering in this post, in the first month, the website delivered $30,000 in leads and we're renting it for $1,000 a month.

So these results are truly incredible and for these small, local service companies can be 100x more valuable than hiring a traditional digital marketing agency (which i used to run so I can say this πŸ˜‚).


Okay, Let's Get Started 😍

The first thing I do is pick an industry to focus on first.

I build these websites one at a time so it makes sense to start with the industry that we can make the biggest impact on.

Now with Google, we can actually start to figure out what industries we can help the most.

There are companies built fully to run through Google and all the results and help us figure out things like how many times certain phrases or words are searched in Google, and see what changes you make on your website leads to your website ranking higher in Google's results, or lower.

There is a whole industry behind this called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which is actually where I started as a freelancer 7-years ago.

It's super fascinating but I'll keep this to as much to the point as I can πŸ˜‚

Starting from scratch can be daunting.

That's why I wanted to share some live examples of how we grow companies and build revenue with a mix of marketing techniques.

Introducing Handyman Near Me.

This is a site we built to help a handyman company in Auckland.

Note: We had to choose handyman over handyperson since no one was searching for handy people. 😒

Below is a quick video running through the process for Handyman Near Me.

So why did I choose to start with the handyman industry to begin with?

I wanted to start with an industry that I could have the biggest impact on.

In Google terms, this means I wanted to start with a search term that a lot of people searching for and the current Google recommendations weren't great.

From going through the second and third page results of Google I found a lot of small businesses that customers loved but they just weren't getting the visibility so I wanted to help them.

But before I landed on this industry, I searched through a bunch of services, in fact after going through the Yellow Pages (I know right, who knew they had an online version?!), I had a list of over 100 different services!

I'm going to include some of the keywords in a separate section to save you tens of hours of research.

You'll need to see yourself which ones are the best to rank for in your local area, but this is an awesome start.

‍Okay, so now we have a ton of ideas, I jump onto my SEO software and start to research which ones will be the best to start with.

I use Ahrefs personally which can be super expensive, especially in these current circumstances but they do currently offer a $7 trial for 7 days and that's all you'll need to get started.

Alternatively you can use Google Keyword Planner. It'll show you how many searches the term gets, and how competitive it is as well.

I copy, paste all the keywords above into the 'keywords explorer'.

Now I've added 'Auckland' to all of these keywords since for me in New Zealand, the software doesn't allow me to target my city so I have to add in Auckland after each keyword to gauge how many people are search for each term in my city (again we're focusing on local services) instead of the whole country.

And here are the results!

Okay, let's explain each column.

Keyword is the phrase we are seeing how many people are searching for.

So for 'roofing Auckland' Ahrefs is estimating based on historical data that 2,100 people are searching for this term each month.

KD is the keyword difficulty. It's a metric out of 100 that quickly tells us how difficult it will be to help our client rank on the front page of Google through search engine optimisation. This is also a good indication of how competitive it is.

Take a look at the image below to see the difficulty of the term 'SEO'.

That's because everyone doing SEO is trying to rank for the term SEO. πŸ˜‚

Okay, back to explaining that first image.

Volume is the number of people Ahrefs estimates to be searching this keyword each money based on historical data.

Clicks is the number of people that search and click on a search results.

This number can be lower than the search volume for many reasons.

Maybe the results didn't match what the searcher expected or maybe Google provided the answer so the searcher didn't have to click on any results.

For example below if you search 'Weather Taipei' the answer is provided by Google with no need to click any results.

The final thing we'll be looking at is CPC. This stands for Cost Per Click and it is how much on average people are paying Google when someone clicks on their Google Ad.

This is important too because we'll be starting with Google Ads to generate the initial results before ranking the page organically through SEO.

The sweet spot I am looking for is that the keyword had at least 200 searches a month and will be easy to rank.

Lawn-mowing, justice of the peace, chiropractor, window cleaning, all shared these attribute.

I wanted to start with something super easy to rank for, and something that also had a high purchase value.

Here's what happened when we searched 'Handyman Auckland'.

This screenshot shows that three hundred people a month are searching for the term 'handyman Auckland'. And even more people in Auckland simply searching 'handyman' (since they're in Auckland, Google automatically localizes searches like this).

Now, let's see who else is ranking on the first page.

Here are some quick definitions to these terms:

  • Keyword Difficulty: How difficult it is to rank for this keyword
  • Search Volume: How many people are searching for this exact term in this location each month
  • Domain Rating: The trust that Google is putting in a website (and how hard it'll be to outrank it)
  • URL Rating: The trust that Google is putting on a particular URL (and how hard it'll be to outrank it)
  • Backlink: The number of sites linking back to this domain

Finally, I want to see if there is a local map pack.

The local map pack appears for most local search terms now.

If you're searching for a cafe, a handyman, or a flower store for example in a certain location, this map will appear in the search results.

If there is a map pack, I could rank there within a matter of weeks for the client and pick up even more free traffic.

There was!

It's time to start rubbing your hands together, here's our niche!

I also went through the current websites ranking on the first page of Google.

Again, I'm aiming to help high quality companies pick up more customers.

With marketing you can literally control what someone sees, in this case, we're influencing what people see when they search terms on Google.

So it's an important part of the job description to ensure that the people you're working with, you would proudly recommend to your friends and family as well.

If the front page is full of awesome companies, it'll be pretty silly to get someone who would provide a worse service on the front page.

And even though we are going to start generating results through ads, it would be good to see how hard it would be to rank organically as well which we can tell by looking at the websites currently ranking on the first page.

This website which is ranked #1 has three 1-star reviews so I'd be more than happy to help our client get to the first page of Google to help consumers have a better range of options.


Building the site in 10 minutes

Our main priority with the website was to build a simple and highly converting page.

Before we invested any time or energy into ranking this site through search engine optimisation, we needed to see if the people who searched for these terms actually want these services.

For us to be helping our new client, we need to be able to generate leads.

In the handyman case, we need to be able to get people who need handyman services to fill out our form.

Before I created the site, I start by going through all the reviews of the competitors to see what our potential customers loved and hated about the competition.

The common threads that the customers loved:

  • Quality guaranteed (handymen offered up to $2m in liability guarantee)
  • Locally owned
  • Free and quick response when talking quotes and arranging services

So that's what I want to sprinkle through this site when building it.

Now we know what we need to focus on, let's build it!

It's beautiful!

Now, the testimonial section and the photo you would add after you partner with someone. I've added in some dummy info for now so you can see what it'd look like once done.

For now you can hide those sections.

So let's get onto actually building the site.

Personally, I use Webflow to set up my sites.

Sidenote: Webflow takes a bit to get used to if you haven't built a website before. Squarespace is another tool you can use, which is a much easier drag drop website builder but since you have the template you can get going pretty quickly on Webflow now.

After reviewing the competition and reading the reviews, here are the main things I'm focusing on:

  • Call to actions everywhere,
  • Mobile optimised since most searches and ad clicks were going to be coming through mobile,
  • The ability to 'click to call' for mobile users so they could get in touch as quickly as possible,
  • The ability to request a free quote for those who don't like calling straight away,
  • Reinforcing significant benefits that the customers wanted to see from their handy people.

Now, while I run these test ads and before I actually started renting this site to a handyman I still wanted to make sure that when someone got in touch, there would be a handy person that could deliver their services.

I'm not a handy person, unfortunately. πŸ˜‚

So I did a ton of digging and found the best local handy person in Auckland to pass on the leads if they came through.

I simply sent them an email asking if I could send work their way for free.

They quickly and gladly agreed.

This is actually awesome for making your first sale too, but more on that later.

Launching Google Ads

So with 99% of these service companies, Google Ads will be more effective than Facebook ads because hiring a service like a handy person is usually a reactive process.

If something breaks or you need something to be done around the house, you search for a solution on Google.

A plumber is another example of Google Ads outshining Facebook.

If your toilet breaks, it's unlikely you'll scroll through Facebook until you see an ad for a plumber.

Facebook starts to shine when you target less reactive industries.

Facebook works when you're marketing something people don't need immediately (because that's reactive) but might want.

A biodegradable bamboo pillow that incorporates the essence of the Himalayas for a genuinely spiritual sleep πŸ—» is something most people won't be searching Google for but can potentially be something that they want once you show them it exists.

"Okay, that all makes sense Steven, but why are we launching ads?"

Fair question!

We want to make sure that when we rent out this landing page, that it's actually working and delivering value.

We also want to make sure before we invest any more time into making it rank organically on Google, or making it better, that it's actually worth investing that time into.

So with Google Ads, we're essentially buying a spot on the front page of Google.

In the image below, you'll see all the top searches are ads.

So what Google Ads does is puts our ad in those spots, and we only pay when someone clicks the ad.

For more industries in most locations it'll cost about $1 - $5 per click.

And our goal is to ensure that enough people who click the ad and land on our website actually sign up so it's worth that amount.

In the example below, I spent $80 and the value of the leads that came through was worth $7,500.

And you'll see the exact things I did to achieve that.

Simply copy paste.

You already have the landing page, now let's launch some ads!

Below is the finished ad. I used Google's simple ads creation process for the handyman site and as you'll have seen if you followed the above video, it takes no longer than 10-minutes to have a highly effective ad campaign running.

So start by going over to the Google Ads coupon page.

We don't want to sign up through their homepage since we won't get the advertising credits that way.

Now their deal changes depending where around the world you are.

I think the U.S. gets $150 in free credit, most other countries get $100 free when you spend $75.

So sign up, claim that credit and go through their simple ad process.

You can take inspiration from the ad I wrote above and run with it.

Just make it simple, include a call-to-action, and make sure you mention the service and the location.

Finally, make sure you target a local area around your city / town because as a a handyman for example, you have a specific region they work within.

We wanted to ensure we were only spending budget on that region.

If we're targeting a region that our client can't service, we're wasting that ad spend :(

I personally set the daily budget to be $40 a day to quickly get some results since I'm pretty confident I've set everything up right.

If you want to start slow, set the daily budget to be between $3 - $20 a day.

That'll mean between 3 - 20 clicks a day.

And again, our goal is to make sure that we're getting enough people signing up.


Pro Tip: Your goal isn't to get the most clicks from Google. Since you pay per click, your goal is to get the most high-quality clicks. So feel free to include prices, and terms that dissuade people that you don't think would be a good fit for your landing page πŸ€—


And then we sat back and relaxed, crossing our fingers that it would work!

The Results?

‍In under seven days 17 leads came through!

The total value of these leads according to the handyman? $7,500.

Our total spend on Ads? $85.56.

Powerful stuff!

People sent in requests to redo kitchens, fix staircases, re-cement their driveway and more.

Here are a few requests:

I want concrete paving in the driveway

Looking for someone that could remove the tiles in preparation for new kitchen cabinets. also need new jib replacement for kitchen renovation

There's a small part of particles floor board under carpet needed to be replaced. Water seeped in from French door area over time. I'll need a quick fix as in the midst of selling house. Will need quote soonest. Thanks

Good afternoon, I'm hoping you can assist me with attending our Sylvia Park store to re-hang a fallen fitting room curtain. We have a big sale on Boxing Day, next Thursday so I am hoping to have completed before then. Should you require any further information I can be reached on my phone or email Kind regards, Sheldyn

How cool is that?!

Oh, we also started ranking on the local map pack for even more free visibility!

This is one example of having a landing page, running some super simple ads, and generating leads.

Remember that the website that we used is a single-page site, nothing complicated.

And since we had a trust-provoking website we achieved a 30% conversion rate on this page.

That means one in three people submitted their details.

The next steps we would do if we wanted to build this up would be to expand the website, add an about page, a contact page, an FAQ page and a services page.

That would allow us to create all the content we would need to start ranking organically for these keywords which would lead to generating even more leads.

Marketing doesn't need to be any more complicated than this:

  1. Create a landing page for your service to test if you can monetize this audience,
  2. Run some ads on targeted keywords to see if people convert,
  3. If they do, build out the next steps (more content, Facebook ads etc.).

But as you can see, with this alone we could easily help a handyman business generate $390,000 a year in revenue from a $4,160 Google ads spend.


Okay, now it's generating results, let's rent the site! πŸ¦„

So now we've got an asset that's working, how do we make money from this?

Again, we're going to partner with a high-quality provider and send them all the leads.

This part is quite easy since we've done all the work upfront and we've already delivered results.

The easiest way to rent this website is to just reach out to the person you've been sending the leads to and say hey, would you like to receive these leads every single month?

Another way is to Google that term you're targeting (in our case 'handyman Auckland') and look through the companies on the second, third, and fourth page on Google.

Make a list of the high quality companies, then email them something like:


Hey (Name),

Hope you’re doing well! I'm getting in touch as a few weeks ago I built a website for people needing a handyman in Auckland and we've received quite a few enquiries already! πŸŽ‰

Here are some of them:

"I want concrete paving in the driveway"

"Looking for someone that could remove the tiles in preparation for new kitchen cabinets. also need new jib replacement for kitchen renovation"

"Hi there, we have had a baluster pop out on our staircase and need it replaced, we have spare balusters"

"Hi there, I'm needing a rotten board replaced in a shower is that something you could help me with?"

"There's a small part of particles floorboard under carpet needed to be replaced. Water seeped in from French door area over time. I'll need a quick fix as in the midst of selling the house. Will need a quote soon. Thanks"

"Good afternoon, I'm hoping you can assist me with attending our Sylvia Park store to re-hang a fallen fitting room curtain. We have a big sale on Boxing Day, next Thursday so I am hoping to have completed before then. Should you require any further information I can be reached on my phone or email Kind regards, Sheldyn"

If you're interested I'd love to send the future leads through to you? πŸš€

I'd love to partner with you specifically as I can see insert why we think they're a good partner, maybe they've had good reviews, maybe you can see testimonials on their homepage etc. Make this personal about their company and them.

We run a service where essentially we rent you the page, send you everything that comes through, and we guarantee the leads are worth twice as much as you pay us, or you don't pay a cent.

Let me know if you're interested! ✨


Your Name


Wrapping this up 🌯

Personally, my goal is to deliver 10x the value. So depending on the size of the town or the city I'll rent out the site for anywhere between $500 - $3,000 a month with the goal of deliver $5,000 -$30,000 in lead value.

The goal is to make sure you're delivering value. So run the ads for a few days, see what leads come through, see how much they're worth, and you can start pricing from there.

And really, that's it!

Hopefully you've learned how to:

  • Research niches on Google
  • Create and launch websites
  • Run Google Ad campaigns
  • And help small businesses around you 😍

If there was anything that you didn't quite get, or if you have any questions, please get in touch here or message the live chat!

I'll be on the other end πŸ€—

I'll be updating this post constantly over the coming weeks with any suggestions you have to make sure this can be as impactful as possible.

And again, if this helped you, or you feel like this could help someone you know, please spread the love and share it around.

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