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"I can't recommend Hello Mellows enough! I started off working with a few different consultants and I wasn't getting the return that I wanted. So I decided to roll up my sleeves and do my own paid ads.

After 3 months, ohhh baby. It's a ton to deal with. Time and emotion. There is so much involved with running ads, especially now with Facebook changing things up every friggin' day! It started consuming my day and I realized that if I was going to scale my business, I really need to hire someone. Fortunately, I complained about this on my YouTube channel πŸ˜‚ and Steven reached out. The guy is PRO-ACTIVE. He doesn't sit around and from the very beginning, he's all in.

We had our first meeting and I told him all of my concerns. I wasn't sure if there were other opportunities that I was missing out on. Not just from the ads, but the entire funnel. Also, I wanted someone who understood my business and knew how to leverage our creative. And of course, I wanted a solid return. ✨

A few days later he came back with a solid plan on how we can grow, what other opportunities in the funnel we can change, and his quote. I've got to say, after shopping around with a ton of different people, Steven is the fairest price. He basically created a plan that I couldn't say no to.

So then we started working together and it's been GREAT! I feel like I'm so lucky to be working with him. Putting over $10K/mo in ads is not an easy thing to swallow, but I fully trust him and the numbers show.

Like I said before, Facebook is changing and you need someone who is experienced and knows how to deal with the changes. There was one month, when our ads were getting blocked left and right (this is very common with Facebook changes), but he was very upfront about what was happening and prepared me for the outcome. I don't want people to think that paid ads are always super easy. It's hard and unpredictable, but Steven is honest and works incredibly hard. If he signs you up as a client, he knows he can get you a return. If he doesn't, he'll be honest and tell you what steps you can take to get there. I call him my Growth Angel, haha.

I'm really excited for this next year working with him! If you have any other questions, email me!"

- Puno Puno

"The results we've seen so far have outweighed my expectations. To be honest, I had my doubts, especially around the speed of delivery and leads, but even with just a BoFu piece, we're seeing great results: a dozen or so high-ticket, large automotive brands that are willing to speak with us!"

-Β Andrew Baker

"With a partnership approach from day 1, the team has demonstrated the ability to adjust to our increasing needs with quality. I am a happy customer and would recommend them to anyone wanting a refreshing approach to inbound marketing."

- Priscile Bernardes
"Steven was quick, friendly and helpful, he walked us through the process of setting up a FB ad campaign for our preschool easily. He was patient and knowledgable, and would definitely recommend his services!!"


"Really great service would recommend!”

β€” Mark Laurenson

"Steven is the best!”

β€” Steven's Mum

"We have just started using these guys as we revamp our website. We now have a much better understanding of the relationship between keywords, content, Google Business pages and what Google looks. All of this helps us make more strategic design decisions in the new website!”

β€” Simon Lempriere

"Steven is great to work with. A real subject matter expert on all things SEO and Inbound. It's been a great journey so far and we're looking forward to reaping the rewards we're already starting to see. ”

β€” Brent Wimmers

"We wanted to drive more customers to our website and they provided a clear path to achieve our goal of one online customer request per day. At each stage we received comprehensive updates on the progress and a HUGE library of resources. I feel like I'm an expert now too! Still early days but the leads are noticeably increasing. Thanks team!"

β€” Callum Walluch

"Fantastic team that are just brimming with new ideas to get you more customers online. Highly recommend the team!"

β€” Wayne Strong

"We're at the beginning our of journey with the team. Their attention to detail, enthusiasm and fast-results have been a joy. We're looking forward to more."

β€” Katie Mills

"They can optimize your website making it easy for customers to navigate. Very professional and sure knows his stuff."

β€” John Hurcombe

"Ben and Steven are great to deal with, and have some great ways of helping you get your business in front of people on the web!"

β€” Aaron Leggett

"Jody & I were referred to Steven by friends and we would highly recommend him ourselves! Friendly, funny & professional + plus he made everything easy for us to understand!"

β€” Christie Lekner

"Great service from the team. They went over and above to provide sound advice and quality writing for us along with a fresh approach to an SEO program that delivers. Thanks guys."

β€” Wayne Fisher

"These guys know there stuff and make the magic happen. Super easy to deal with and very flexible. Would totally use them again."

β€” Jason Taane

"Working with the team on my website and sorting my SEO was easy, as he explained everything to me in terms I could understand. I would recommend to others."

β€” Sally Matson

"Brilliant new method of IT education and support rolled into one, they are a great team, extremely knowledgeable and friendly."

β€” Mark Yates

"So many great tips! Appreciate the time spent explaining the general nuts and bolts of SEO, and also the personal advice applied to my business. Wide knowledge base here, so it's great to be able to get advice across a range of areas. e.g. I wasn't anticipating getting tips on best website layout from a SEO perspective but that has ended up being one of the most interesting and helpful things so far!"

β€” Kiri Schumacher

"We are using the team for our SEO, they have broken down the process for us nicely, so we are able to piece by piece work on our online presence. It's great to them onboard while our resources are best used out in the field."

β€” Robert Shearer

"They were able to give me some great pointers for improving my websites SEO and they were able to get me on the front page of Google. Thanks!"

β€” Adam Southwell

"Great guys. Capable and keen"

β€” Neil Sparkman

"Knowledgeable and very approachable, Steven worked to empower our staff to better understand the mechanics behind search engine optimization (SEO), the relationship between website design and customer engagement, and search engine ranking improvement; allowing us to make informed advertising and marketing decisions and ultimately increase our customer base. Thanks Steven!"

β€” Callum Wallach

"I was too busy to sort out my google business page and to have someone look at my SEO. I definitely have noticed an increase in inquiries and therefore more opportunities to be able to sell our product out there. Nice work guys."

β€” Ella

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