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Earn Your First $1k

Looking into learning more about marketing and freelancing? This guide covers everything you need to know to help local companies with their marketing through SEO and earn your first $1,000 and beyond as a freelancer.

This Guide Covers

  • A step-by-step guide to launching a website that generates you leads when you sleep (we literally build a website and record the whole thing)
  • A list of 300 niches that you can research and earn money from
  • Our most cost-effective way to get leads & customers in 2021 (we show you exactly how we generated $60,000 worth of leads by spending only $470 last week)
  • The processes you need to build in order to actually take home a salary (with copy-paste templates to kick you off)
  • Everything we learned hiring a team around the world and making sure employees don't destroy you (and what exactly we'd repeat and what we'd never do again)
  • How to price yourself into sales and build a thriving agency (like most, we spend only a few hours deciding on how to price ourselves even though pricing alone can determine success)
  • Step-by-step checklists on services you can deliver today (if you're unsure what to offer at the start, we show you multiple services you could offer and teach you exactly how to deliver them)

With This Knowledge We've

  • Consistently charged $1,000 - $10,000+ a month retainers to our clients.
  • Started, built and sold one of the top award-winning inbound marketing agencies in New Zealand.
  • Been hired to run workshops for billion-dollar companies and got other companies to pay us to fly overseas to see them.
  • Built out both local & remote teams that have spanned more than 10 countries. 🌏
  • Trained over 4,000 professionals 👩‍🏫
  • Travelled around the world to attend conferences and meet clients. ✈️
  • Delivered results so good that our clients bought us dinners
  • Spent more than $50,000 on courses with some of the world's best Facebook marketers, branding experts, search engine optimisation specialists, and business leaders.

What We Cover

Start here

Before we even begin, it's important to set expectations. Lean what to expect in this course, as well as a template for happiness to ensure that you enjoy the process of freelancer & agency life.

Earning $1,000 A Week ⭐

This guide breaks down everything step-by-step you need to know about why this strategy works and how.

Launching your site

Look over my shoulder as we step-by-step build a website, launch ads, and generate $30,000 worth of business for an SEO company.

Lead Gen Example

Now you've got the basics set up and have a website, see how we generated $60,000 worth of business with this funnel, spending only $470.

SEO Course x Local SEO

Learn a step by step guide on how to do local SEO for your clients which you can offer as an additional service. We usually charge the client's $500+ for this. It takes three hours of our time and it leads to some incredible results.

The 300 Vetted Industries

A pre-built list of industries you can offer your services to. Simply add in your location and you can begin ranking websites for high value clients.


Here we cover the benefits of processes, what things you should build-out, and templates to get you started.


Hiring can be a make or break process for almost any business. Here is my advice on improving your odds for success.

Delighting Clients

Clients are the lifeblood of any agency and with a good system, can easily contribute to the majority of your growth.


Pricing is one of the most exciting parts of your business. Here we'll show you what pricing might look like for your business and how it'll change over time.

Outreach Messages

Copy paste examples of proven outreach messages that will help you get started!

2021 Is The Year!

Money-Back Guarantee 💰

We know that the biggest cost of a course isn't money, but it's your time. So we have a $1,000 money-back guarantee.

If you don't feel like you'll make at least $1,000+ a month more because of this handbook, simply ask for a refund and it's yours!

Earnings Guarantee

Just buying the course is not enough. You still need to do the work. We don't guarantee income or earnings at all, how much you can earn is up to you ❤

Any questions during the course? We'll be here to answer them along the way 🙌


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Your First Customer

We've recorded the whole journey, from setting up a website, to renting it out to a customer.

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Local SEO Guide

You'll learn exactly what to deliver small business around you to help them succeed online and to earn a living doing so.

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Pricing, Hiring, Processes And More

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Team member Steven Male
Meet the author

Steven Male

Hey, I'm Steven 👋

After 7 years of growing an award-winning marketing agency in New Zealand, my company got acquired! 🥂

Now I'm doubling down on my mission to get every local company on the digital map through my new business Hello Mellows.

I've personally helped hundreds of companies growth through digital marketing and have trained thousands more.

$ 150.00 USD

Earn Your First $1k

Looking into learning more about marketing and freelancing? This guide covers everything you need to know to help local companies with their marketing through SEO and earn your first $1,000 and beyond as a freelancer.