How To Start A Company And Generate 17 Sales Worth $7,500 In 5 Days

Starting from scratch can be daunting.

That's why we wanted to share live examples of how we grow companies and build revenue with a mix of marketing techniques.

Introducing Handyman Near Me.

Note: We had to choose handyman over handyperson since no one was searching for handy people. 😢

After doing some brainstorming, we wanted to find some niches that were ripe to rank for.

We wanted to showcase exactly how simple effective marketing can be.

We searched through a bunch of services, in fact after going through the Yellow Pages (I know right, who knew they had an online version?!), we had a list of over 100 different services!

The sweet spot we were looking for was keywords that had at least 200 searches a month in Auckland and were easy to rank.

Here's what happened when we searched 'Handyman Auckland'.

You can see we had to add the term 'Auckland' in the query since we could only isolate the searches in New Zealand, but not in Auckland.

This screenshot shows that three hundred people a month are searching for the term 'handyman Auckland'. Even more in Auckland searching 'handyman'.

Now, although Google states that it doesn't give priority to keywords in domains anymore, in less competitive niches, it does. The website ranking #1 has one backlink.

Here are some quick definitions to these terms:

  • Keyword Difficulty: How difficult it is to rank for this keyword
  • Search Volume: How many people are searching for this exact term in this location each month
  • Domain Rating: The trust that Google is putting in a website (and how hard it'll be to outrank it)
  • URL Rating: The trust that Google is putting on a particular URL (and how hard it'll be to outrank it)
  • Backlink: The number of sites linking back to this domain

We took a look at the competition and saw that the number on ranker was an exact keyword domain match.

Now, although Google states that it doesn't give priority to keywords in domains anymore, in less competitive niches, it does. The website ranking #1 has one backlink.

Come on Google lol.

Finally, we wanted to see if there was a local map pack.

If there was, we could rank there within a matter of weeks and pick up even more free traffic.

There was!

We started rubbing our hands together. Here was our niche!

We also went through all the competitor's websites.

Even though we are going to test this with ads, it would be good to see how hard it would be to rank organically as well.

As you can see the competitors have quite standard websites. Lots of links, a bit old-school. A lot of potential here that we can work with.

Building the site

Our main priority with the website was to build a simple and highly converting page.

Before we invested any time or energy into ranking this site, we needed to see if the people who searched for these terms want these services.

In other words, we needed to see if we could monetise these searches.

We started by going through all the reviews of the competitors to see what our potential customers loved and hated about the competition.

The common threads were:

  • Quality guaranteed (handymen offered up to $2m in liability guarantee)
  • Locally owned
  • Free and quick response when talking quotes and arranging services

So that's what we wanted to sprinkle through this site when building it.

Now we know what we need to focus on, let's build it!

It's beautiful!

Personally, we used Webflow to set up the website.

We started with a template, so it took us only 2 hours of rearranging and adding in content to end up with the result.

Sidenote: Webflow takes a bit to get used to so if you haven't built a website before, we recommend starting with Squarespace. Squarespace offers 80% of the benefits, with 20% of the learning time.

After reviewing the competition and reading the reviews, here are the main things we were focusing on:

  • Call to actions everywhere,
  • Mobile optimised since most searches and ad clicks were going to be coming through mobile,
  • The ability to 'click to call' for mobile users so they could get in touch as quickly as possible,
  • The ability to request a free quote for those who don't like calling straight away,
  • Reinforcing significant benefits that the customers wanted to see from their handy people.

Now, we wanted to make sure that when they got in touch, someone could deliver their services.

No one at Hello Mellows is a handyperson, unfortunately. 😂

So we did a ton of digging and partnered with the best local handyperson in Auckland to pass on the leads if they came through.

The theory was we could charge $1,000 a month for this site if we managed to deliver $10,000 a month in revenue.  

Launching Google Ads

We decided to start with Google ads over Facebook ads for the main reason that hiring a handyperson is usually a reactive process.

If something breaks or you need something to be done around the house, you search for a solution on Google.

A plumber is another example of Google ads outshining Facebook. If your toilet breaks, it's unlikely you'll scroll through Facebook until you see an ad for a plumber.

Facebook starts to shine when you target less reactive industries. Things like marketing courses 😂. But seriously, Facebook works when you're marketing something people don't need immediately (because that's reactive) but might want.

A biodegradable bamboo pillow that incorporates the essence of the Himalayas for a genuinely spiritual sleep 🗻 is something most people won't be searching Google for but can potentially be something that they want once you show them it exists.

So we jumped on Google ads and launched a simple campaign with the ad copy below.

We targeted a local area around Auckland because as a physical service, handypeople have a specific region they work within. We wanted to ensure we were only spending budget on that region.

And then we sat back and relaxed, crossing our fingers that it would work!

The Results?

And you know what, in under seven days 17 leads came through!

People sent in requests to redo kitchens, fix staircases, re-cement their driveway and more.

Message: I want concrete paving in the driveway
Looking for someone that could remove the tiles in preparation for new kitchen cabinets. also need new jib replacement for kitchen renovation
Hi there, we have had a baluster pop out on our staircase and need it replaced, we have spare balusters
Hi there Im needing a rotten board replaced in a shower is that something you could help me with?
There's a small part of particles floor board under carpet needed to be replaced. Water seeped in from French door area over time. I'll need a quick fix as in the midst of selling house. Will need quote soonest. Thanks
Good afternoon, I'm hoping you can assist me with attending our $#&*( Sylvia Park store to re-hang a fallen fitting room curtain. We have a big sale on Boxing Day, next Thursday so I am hoping to have completed before then. Should you require any further information I can be reached on my phone or email Kind regards, Sheldyn

How cool is that?!

The total value of these leads according to the handyman?


Our total spend on Ads?


Powerful stuff!

Oh, we also started ranking on the local map pack for even more free visibility!

This is one example of having a landing page, running some super simple ads, and generating leads.

Remember that the website that we used is a single-page site, nothing complicated.

And since we had a trust-provoking website we achieved a 30% conversion rate on this page.

That means one in three people submitted their details.

The next steps we would do if we wanted to build this up would be to expand the website, add an about page, a contact page, an FAQ page and a services page.

That would allow us to create all the content we would need to start ranking organically for these keywords which would lead to generating even more leads.

Marketing doesn't need to be any more complicated than this:

  1. Create a landing page for your service to test if you can monetize this audience,
  2. Run some ads on targeted keywords to see if people convert,
  3. If they do, build out the next steps (more content, Facebook ads etc.).

But as you can see, we could easily have a handyperson business that's generating $390,000 a year in revenue from a $4,160 Google ads spend.

So what are you going to do now because of this?

Were you over complicating the process?

What could you launch today that could lead to a simple but effective marketing funnel?

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