How To Launch A Local SEO Business In 2 Days

💰 It's easy to get carried away with the theory of marketing so we wanted to cover real examples of ourselves using the tools in this course create companies and generate revenue.

In this guide we  build a new website for a Local SEO company, rank it, run some ads, and generate $3,000 in new local business in under a week. Let's get started!

Choosing a niche & deciding where to build a site 🤔

In this video I cover how I came up with the new niche to focus on, showing you in more detail how to do your own keyword research using tools like AHREFS.

I also cover different website buildings so you can start to figure out how to build professional websites without knowing how to code.

In the next video we cover different templates, and the though process behind how we built Steven's Local SEO.

How to choose a template and begin building your website

Once you've decided on the niche, what next? 

In this video we jump into how to pick the best template for your needs and start building that website that will convert.

In the next video we cover how to build a professional website in 25 minutes.

Building a professional website in 25 minutes

25 minutes doesn't sound like a long time to build a professional looking website.

But with tools like Webflow and Squarespace, you'll learn exactly how I built this in 25 minutes leveraging already built assets from different templates and bringing it together in my own unique style.

If we spent another hour on this doing some additional tweaks and changes, we could seriously be paid $5,000+ for a professionally 'developed' website.

And this is exactly what no-code agencies around the world are doing.

In the next video we cover how to get this website live so you can search for it in Google.

Getting a domain and going live!

In this video we cover the exact process to actually get your website published and linked to a domain so you can start to search for it in Google and link it to your campaigns and your clients.

We use GoDaddy to buy the domain, and link it to our Webflow website and 10-minutes later, we're live!

In the next video we'll cover how to launch Google Ads to get your first few clients through the door.

Getting your first few clients through Google Ads

Now your website is live, it's time to send some traffic there to get some customers.

In this video I show you how to create and launch a Google Ads campaign that's effective, and will target your specific customers, in a certain location, in under 10 minutes.

In the next video we apply for our Google My Business page to help us get ranked on the front page of Google.

Getting free traffic through Google My Business 🦄

Google My Business is one of the most overlooked tools Google provides.

Google is essentially trying to help you get free traffic from customers searching for what you sell.

In this video I set up Steven's Local SEO on Google My Business so you can see how easy it is to get on the front page of Google for the keywords I'm targeting.

In the next video, we set up a Facebook traffic campaign to generate even more leads.

Launching a Facebook ads campaign to generate leads

Now we have Google ads sending relevant customers to our landing page, and Google My Business sending even more, let's ramp it up with some Facebook ads.

In this video I launch a brand new Facebook ad campaign targeting small business owners in my country to generate even more leads.

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