Hello Mellows has launched 🎉


We're so excited to be posting this today. We even ran some test ads, and we got our first few users through the door.

After building the agency over the last 7-years and selling that, we're so excited to double down on our passion, to make world-class training for marketers affordable and accessible.

After building a growing company, and helping over 4,000 professionals and companies over those years, we know we can share these skills and help level up your career from the comfort of your own chair.

So this week, we decided to launch, not with a bang, but with a drip.

Because drip by drip, we are going to be changing how marketers connect, learn, and work.

Drip by drip we're going to increase salaries, improve our student's ROAS, and help build a better life for marketers.

Our goal is to help add at least $10,000 to your career each year, whether through raises, business growth, or freelancing and side-hustles.

So here we are, are you ready to join us?

New This Week

Live Chat

Once you sign-up for your trial, you'll have access to the live chat! This is where you can share your work, your exact projects and problems and we can walk you through the solutions step-by-step.


We added personalisation, so now we can start to tailor the content to you.


We added an onboarding sequence to help you get the most out of the platform when you sign up!

New Dashboard

You might notice this swanky new dashboard, ready for you to dive in and get the most out of the current courses.

New Content

Finally, this week we added:

  • Getting started guide
  • Weeks 1 & 2 of start-up school
  • Facebook ads course week 1
  • A step-by-step guide on how we launched a company that made $7,500 in 5 days

And we'll be adding even more this week, including finishing off our Facebook ads course, a better user experience for signing up, some FAQs for onboarding, welcome emails and maybe more 😍

Thanks for following this journey.

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