How to get the most out of the workshop in a box⭐

Getting Started 🙌

Welcome! You'll soon be learning everything you need to know to create a world-class marketing strategy in a day and turn your business into a high growth company.

Welcome to the Marketing Jammmm! *cue lightning* ⚡

A Marketing Jam is an insanely easy workshop that you can run at any time to create a world class marketing strategy in one day!

Each time you run this workshop, you'll end up with an updated world-class marketing strategy and an actionable list of experiments to help your business grow.

We've pulled tools & frameworks that the fastest growing companies in the world are using such as Slack, NASA, LEGO, Google.

And after talking to the inventor of the sprint Jake Knapp, who spent 10 years at Google Ventures helping launch and accelerate the growth of hundreds of companies, we realised that this is something that can benefit all business types, from freelancers to multi-nationals.

We believe it's important that you generate these marketing ideas and experiments because no agency or marketing partner knows your business better than you.

By facilitating this workshop, you'll leave with a list of actionable marketing experiments you can launch over the coming weeks and months for massive results.

What we're going to end up with

We take the philosophy from Hacking Growth where after the workshop you'll perform a 4 - 6 week marketing experiment on an idea that can radically improve growth.

After the workshop you'll end up with 3 - 8 of these experiments ranked in order of highest impact to lowest.

Here's what your 6-month road-map will look like by the end of this workshop!

Picture of the growth marketing jam

Gathering the team

So who should you bring? 

If you're a solo-founder or freelancer, just yourself is more than okay.

If you're bigger, then we recommend a minimum is 3 people and the maximum is 8.

Enough people to bring a difference of opinion but not too many that discussions run forever.

Try to bring in as many different arms of the business as you can. For example, someone senior from customer support, sales, marketing, product, and the CEO.

Although the goal is to create marketing experiments, the wider team will have amazing insights into what your customers actually want and ideas to make that happen.

What you'll need

In the remote climate we suggest Mural, a remote collaboration tool.

We've built a template for you which you can use for free, simply duplicate our template and get going!

With Mural you can also have a timer, and we've added all the steps on the right of the board as well to make the process even easier.

Screenshot of the workshop template

Usually you'll need a private room with a big wall and:

  • A pack of rectangular sticky-notes
  • A pack of blue square sticky-notes
  • A pack of yellow square sticky-notes
  • 50 sticky dots, 2 different colours
  • 1 black sharpie per member
  • A timer (phone is fine)

A moderator

The final thing you'll need is to nominate is a moderator.

One person needs to be in charge, who will read through the workshop steps before the day, organize the time, and run the process to ensure you're always moving forward and discussions aren't lasting forever.

Chances are, this will be you!

Next steps

Now you know what you need, what are the next steps?

  1. Let the team know that you'll need an hour and a half of their time. Let them know why. Get them jazzed about launching this company forward.
  2. Book it in everyone's calendars - No one who agrees to show up can miss this.
  3. If you're using the remote option, create a template and have a play around so you know what you're doing on the day. If you're using stationary, go ahead and grab everything you need.

That's it!

Now head back and have a read through the workshop so you know roughly step by step what to be doing on the day.

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