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Welcome to the Marketing Jam! Congrats on signing up and taking your biz to the next level. Below you'll find everything you need to get started building a world class marketing strategy, in a day.

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Getting Started 🎉

This covers everything you need to know to get the most out of the day. Read this as soon as you can, this will cover who to bring, how to book the day, and more.

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Marketing Jam ⚡

A 76-minute workshop for any company size that will align your team and create a clear road-map of experiments you can deploy to double your growth rate over the next month. 🚀

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Tracking & Amplifying Growth Framework🚀

Bonus: This guide is about how to apply a growth marketing framework that helps you order the marketing chaos, align your key objectives so you can grow as fast as you want, and ultimately blow your socks off. 🧦

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