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Waitlisting πŸ“







Problem: Our product is not ready for launch but we want to keep the users who are currently visiting our website for when it is ready to be launched.Β 

Solution: Waitlisting.Β Β 

As you’re building your product, you can set up your website to include information on what your company does as well as a waitlist so that people become aware of your product and can sign up to the waitlist for early access.Β 

According to Growth Hackers, waitlists create scarcity and demand for your product/service. If set up right, your waitlist can strengthen your referral program by incentivising users to share/refer your product/service to friends and family in order to gain early access. Incorporating features that make your product highly-shareable from the get-go is key!Β 

Drive traffic to your waitlist page by integrating with pre-existing, well-known tools and referral platforms to sustain long-term growth and generate high initial traction. Waitlists are a strong way to control the rate at which new users join/sign up to your platform so that you’re not under-delivering or crashing.

Case Study: Robinhood had over 300,000 people on their waitlist and were adding more than 1,000 people per day without a product available for use at the time.‍

Time: A few hours to make and design the waitlist. A few weeks or months to manage the waitlist depending on how long you want the waitlist up before launch.Β 

Results: Lock in potential users from the get-go and keep them highly engaged and involved with your product/service through incentives. With the right marketing strategies in place, this can range from 100s to 1000s of new sign ups each weekΒ 

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