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Local SEO







Problem: Your customers are having a having a hard time finding you and you're not getting as many website visits as you want.

Solution: Local SEO 📈

Local search engine optimisation (SEO) is a super quick and easy activity you can do today to rank higher on Google.

It will not only help those around you find you easier, but it'll help boost your organic SEO as well so no matter where you customers are, they'll be able to find your website easier.

Finally, part of this process includes collecting and sharing reviews which helps your social proof!

Time: 4 hours if you do it yourself, or an hour with a cost of $50 to outsource the citation building.

Results: Our Google My Business page alone has had 1,600 views in the last quarter, and our organic rankings has delivered thousands of new visitors.

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...and have a bunch of fun! 🎉