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Brand Awareness πŸ“£







Problem: We are currently building our business idea and want to secure traction and initial users.

Solution: Build brand awareness

While creating your product/service, reach out to your users and offer them a preview of what your business offers, give them the opportunity to sign up for early access, and to offer feedback which you can consider when designing. Test what works best for your users and offers the highest efficacy and lowest costs.Β Β 

You are competing with companies that have highly sophisticated and developed products. By investing your focus on your vision and how your product enhances the lives of your customer, you can establish an early relationship to capitalise on when your product is ready to be launched.Β 

Case Study: Β While Hotjar was being built, the development team built traction by creating their website to include a β€˜preview’ and a waitlist to the beta version. This allowed them to involve their users early on, get feedback to tailor their design and business to their audience, and spread the word to create the traction needed for a successful launch.Β 

Time:Β  This process can take weeks or months to build and perfect depending on how long it takes to launch your product.Β 

Results: 89% of users stay loyal to brands that share their values. By focusing on understanding your niche and what they value, you'll be able to break into your market and build early case studies of how your product aligns with your niche’s values and enhances their lives.Β Β 

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