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Beta Testing ⚙️







Problem: We want to test our product/service while generating business exposure.

Solution: Beta testing

Beta testing is one of the most important phases of the software development lifecycle. Users are now more analytical than ever because they know they can leverage other softwares which means failing isn't really an option if you're aiming to captivate your niche. Beta testing allows you to asses the live performance, quality, stability, security, and reliability of your product/service.

After creating the beta version of your product/service, launch on sites and communities which provide beta testing and business exposure (in addition to your social media platforms). Our top 2 picks are:

77% of companies believe that an online community significantly improves brand exposure, awareness and credibility. Test advertising on social platforms and target users interested in your niche/industry. A/B testing is an efficient way to do this. 

You can also validate your idea by reaching out to other  networks such as blogs and news sites and offering them a free account (no strings attached) so they can test out your product/service.  Don’t aim for friends and family as they will always want to be nice to you. Seek the most critical feedback you can get to ensure optimal presentation of your solution.

Many sites are willing to spread the word for free! You can also take advantage of sponsored email announcements or articles. 

Case study: Startup Drugz utilised Product Hunt to launch their business and saw 35,000 likes from hunters in their first week. Post-launch, they’ve seen revenue in over $1M.

Time: A few hours a week of reaching out to sites and communities as well as managing and creating promos for ads.

Results: Increase your audience size by at least 2x in the one year between your social platforms and online communities. 

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