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A/B Testing πŸ§ͺ







Problem: You don't know what's working and what isn't.

Solution:Β A/BΒ testing πŸ§ͺ

Every time you send an email, launch an ad, write a headline for a blog post, or launch a new page on your website, is an opportunity for growth.

We quickly assume we know what's best for our customers, but by testing our assumptions we can constantly stay up to date with our consumer trends and ensure we're getting the biggest impact from our time and budget.

Think outside the square here, obviously we can test what headline might have the biggest impact, but what about email send times?Β What about ad placements on Instagram vs Facebook vs LinkedIn? How about the impact of a static image post on Instagram versus a video? Or a product photo on an eCommerce product page versus a product video. For website changes, try Google Optimize for free!

Time: Ongoing but a short time to implement (5 - 10 minutes) per test.

Results:Β If you can test 5 things a week, and get a 5% improvement on average from each test, within a month you would have doubled your growth rate with the exact same budget.

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