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How well are your ads actually performing?

With this calculator you'll discover exactly what your company's ROAS (return on ad spend) needs to be to ensure you're making money running ads, not just spending it 💰

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Your breakeven ROAS is ____. In other words, to break even, you need to earn $____ for every $1 you spend on ads.

Your breakeven cost per acquisition is $____.

And from your current projected monthly spend and ROAS, your expected monthly revenue is $____ ($____ gross profit) from ads!

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Coffee Supreme

For the last 5-months we've been working with the 30-year old coffee superstar Coffee Supreme to help them continue their incredible journey delivering the best coffee direct to consumers through their online store.

month-on-month growth in NZ

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total increase in online revenue

growth experiments launched 🧪

"Working with Hello Mellows is the best thing we've done for our digital marketing."

Sophie Evans
Marketing Manager