We're Launching Something New 🎉

Over the last three months we've had an incredible time connecting with the community, and trying to add as much value as we could, whether that's through our services, or our courses.

The more time we've spent, either doing our own marketing, or talking to you as you do yours, we're finding that there is a few major pain points.

The first is that we as marketers have a hard time tracking what we're doing.

We do a lot of different marketing activities, but we often quickly forget to check the results of what we're doing, or forget what we did it altogether. And switching between the 13,000 tools that we already use doesn't help!

The second biggest pain point, is actually understanding how to track the work we're doing.

The work of setting up the analytics, or seeing if that Facebook campaign was actually a success, or if it cost us more money than it was worth.

And not only understanding this for ourselves, but sharing this through the wider companies.

So we've been doing some brainstorming!

And we're in the process of building an MVP!

The goal of this platform is to allow you to quickly and easily track each marketing activity you do in one easy place.

The secondary goal is to help you learn how to be a better marketer!

As you probably know we've launched courses in the past but we also know that online courses have 3% completion rate, so we're trying out best to come up with a way to ensure we give you as much value as possible in a way that you can do while enjoying the process 😍

Hopefully you're as excited as we are!

We'll be sharing more as we get closer to launch. 🎉

Written by Steven Male
CEO of Hello Mellows. My mission in life is to help marketers have more fun at work. Say hi to me on Twitter at @stevensomething.

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